Mistral Plus



  • With practical accessory compartment
  • For the best therapeutic efficacy on the entire respiratory tract
  • New nebulizer with “DRUGSAVER” system, particle size tested by TÜV (EN 13544-1)
  • With adult and child mask


New “DRUGSAVER” system to limit the dispersion of the drug



RF8 nebuliser

Delivery ml/min (approx): 0,40 ml/min (approx)
MMAD: 4,48 μm
Breathable fraction < 5 μm %: 55,5 %
Maximum fill volume: 8 ml

In vitro testing certified by TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH - Germany in compliance with the European Standard EN 13544-1 for nebulizing systems. Further details available on request.


Reciprocating piston compressor (designed for use without lubrication or maintenance)

Power supply/Power: 230 V ~ 50 Hz/130 VA
Air filtering: For better quality, the compressed air is extracted external of the housing and filtered using a high efficiency filter system (porosity 50/70 μm)
Compressor air output: 9 l/min (approx.)
Max pressure: 1,8 ± 0,3 bar
Sound level (at 1 m): 57 dB (A) (approx.)
Dimensions: 18 (length) x 30 (width) x 12 (height) cm.
Handset Weight: 1,5 Kg
Warranty: Please refer to your local dealer
Approvals: TÜV

In compliance with Dir. 93/42/EEC and subsequent updates (for the 230 V ~ 50 Hz unit only)

  1. New nebulizer with “DRUGSAVER” system, particle size tested by TÜV
  2. Mouthpiece
  3. Child nasal prong
  4. Child mask in soft medical PVC
  5. Adult mask in soft medical PVC
  6. Air purified by a professional filter
  7. A wide accessory compartment
  8. Practical cable compartment on the bottom of the unit